When is the right time to contact a defense attorney?

The best time to call a criminal defense lawyer is before you answer any questions by the police other than what your name is. You have the right to remain silent and the right to speak to an attorney but the Supreme Court has said that you must assert that right in order for it to be protected.

If the police begin to question you, whether they are direct about doing so or “just want to talk with you about a few things”, say this, “I would like to cooperate. First I need to speak to my attorney.”. Then stick to what you have said. You may need to repeat these words a few times.

The police might try to convince you to answer just a few questions. They might do this by minimizing the degree in which they plan to interrogate you or by suggesting that by not answering their questions you are slowing down their investigation. Stay on message. “You want to cooperate but first you need to speak to your attorney.” You do not need to explain why you want to speak to an attorney or answer any questions until you get one.

The police must stop their questioning and grant you access to a phone call (use it to call an attorney) withing a reasonable time and before they resume their interrogation.

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When should you contact a real estate attorney?

Hire your attorney before you sign an Offer to Purchase. Consult with your attorney before you sign and submit an offer to make sure you’ve covered all your areas of concern. If you have questions about Michigan or Wisconsin real estate laws or concerns about the home selling process and would like to consult an experienced real estate attorney, contact Polich Tousignant Law Offices.

When is the right time to contact a divorce attorney?

Divorce lawyers can help you sort out the legal issues of a broken marriage. You may need to settle property rights, child custody  and support along with many other important and personal issues. Polich Tousignant Law Offices can help. We’ll be your advocate during this difficult time. 

Start looking at Michigan or Wisconsin divoce lawyers as soon as it’s clear the marriage is over. If you are ending the marriage, contact a lawyer before notifying your spouse of your intentions. If you have been notified by your spouse of intentions to divorce, call Polich Tousignant Law Offices immediately.

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When should I create my Will and Trusts?

If you do not have a will you should contact Polich Tousignant Law Offices as soon as possible to have a will drafted on your behalf. If you die without a will the government and statuatory law will determine how your assests are transferred. If you do not have a will you will also lose the opportunity to select a guardian for any minor children.

If you do not have a trust, you should contact a lawyer to discusss the value of trusts and other tax avoidance strategies. The government will take plenty of your income and assests during your life. When you pass away you want your family, friends or charitable interests to receive the majority of your assests and not the government. We can help you achieve this.

Our goal is to help people preserve wealth, minimize estate tax liabilty and help create a smooth transfer of assests to all beneficiaries.