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Located on the corner of US 2 & 3rd Ave
P.O. Box 522
Iron River, Michigan  49935-522 
Toll Free:  1-800-977-9938
Cell (24/7):  906-284-0398
Phone: 906-265-9938
Fax: 906-265-9385
E-mail: mail@spolichlawoffice.com

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Polich Tousignant Law Offices
Monday-Friday:  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Any Other Time:  Cell (24/7)  906-284-0398 & By Appointment

Finding Solutions.  That is our job. 
We can help.
~Attorney Polich & Attorney Tousignant

Polich Tousignant Law Offices Licensed In Michigan & Wisconsin

"I would recommend Polich Tousignant Law Offices to anyone who is looking for good strong legal advice in any type of matter they may need.  I have had the Polich Tousignant Law Offices represent me in personal matters as well as matters for my business and have always had confidence in knowing that they understood my concerns and truly cared about the issues that I cared about.  Attorneys Dennis Tousignant made every effort to be available whenever I had questions or concerns and in my line of work that was extremely valuable to me.  If you are looking for experience and understanding you will not go wrong with this office."
Gene Mottes

Real Estate, Business & Banking Law, Divorce, Personal Injury ... Polich Tousignant Law Offices Can Help

"Steve Polich has been my company attorney and person attorney for over thirty years.  His education and involvement in his out businesses, outside of the legal profession, have increased his wisdom in business and personal matters.   From the beginning, I found his boldness and quick mind better than his peers and trusted and depended on him since.  My companies are not large, under 10,000,000 in sales.  Living in the U.P a company expects to work harder for less return for the privilege of living here.   I worked for three major corporations before coming back home to live.  In financially planning and legal issues, Polich Tousignant Law Offices have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars, $120,000 in a single instance.  Polich Tousignant Law Offices works on the most beneficial and quickest solution.  It’s always good to have the most aggressive attorneys on your side. "

Ron Beauchamp