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"My husband, John Lofgren had used attorney Steve Polich for years for his business dealings.  When John passed away, Steve was there immediately offering his assistance.  He made himself available whenever I needed him and helped me settle John’s business matters.  His help has been much appreciated, I know that without Steve’s experience and compassion during that difficult time the settling of things would have been much more difficult.  I would recommend Steve Polich and his associate Dennis Tousignant to anyone who is looking for help in any sort of legal matter."
~Alice Lofgren

"I would recommend Polich Tousignant Law Offices to anyone who is looking for good strong legal advice in any type of matter they may need.  I have had the Polich Tousignant Law Offices represent me in personal matters as well as matters for my business and have always had confidence in knowing that they understood my concerns and truly cared about the issues that I cared about.  Attorneys Steve Polich and Dennis Tousignant made every effort to be available whenever I had questions or concerns and in my line of work that was extremely valuable to me.  If you are looking for experience and understanding you will not go wrong with this office."
Gene Mottes

"I was referred to the Polich Tousignant Law Offices by a co-worker when I was going through my divorce.  Steve Polich & Dennis Tousignant  met with me within an hour of my first call and had me feeling like things were going to be ok.  They really paid attention to what I was saying and helped me through a difficult time.  When it came time for settlement negotiations they understood what was important to me and helped me focus on the long term.  I would recommend the Polich Tousignant Law Offices to anyone who is in need of legal help. "
Steve Bartoszek

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