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Business and Banking Law

Steve J. Poich has managed, consulted and advised board of directors in almost every aspect of business management, labor, corporate law and shareholder interests.

Personal Injury

Products Liability

When an unreasonably dangerous or defective product causes injury, Polich Tousignant Law Offices can help.  Due to complexity of product liabilty laws, it is vital to retain an experience law firm that understands the law and who can best investigate and pursue your case.


Attorney Steve J. Polich managed divorces that involve significant assets.  Attorney Polich's background is in business, accounting and banking provides clients expert advise and representation.

Attorney Dennis Tousignant extensive experience in family law and has managed hundreds of cases related to the best interest of children, divorce and related cases.

Real Estate

Attorney Dennis Tousignant manages and supervises routine land transactions from drafting of simple deeds to complex land transfers. 

Attorney Steve J. Polich focuses primarily on areas of complex land issues such as land divisions, partitions, resolution of adverse title interest.

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