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We’ve been managing the law since 1974.  We’re headquartered in Iron River, Michigan but our practice is geographically broad.  We’ve managed cases in Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas and more*.  Our work is not restricted to a few specialties, we can help with any legal problem or opportunity.  We have specialists available in every legal area. 
Our job is to give the client
the best possible results,
at the least cost, as quickly as possible.

Helping You With Your Opportunities ... That Is Our Job.  Polich Tousignant Law Offices Can Help.

"I have enlisted Polich Tousignant Law Offices on several different legal matters.  Their expertise and professionalism have always served me well.  Steve Polich  is an attorney with an extremely sharp mind and his attention to detail is impressive!  He is a dedicated and talented attorney who puts the needs of his clients first and works diligently to achieve successful outcomes.  I feel fortunate to have had his counsel and will seek him out again for any possible future legal matters. "
~Dave Johnson

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Polich Tousignant Law Offices Guiding Clients Through The Process Of Probate... We can help.

We can help.
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